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03. Oct. - 16. Dec 2017
Maestro Solti International Conducting Competition
Budapest, Pécs

Courage, talent and good luck! These are the things that are necessary for those who take up the conducting baton. In face with the orchestra, with the audience at their back, as the Maestro is standing under the scrutiny of attentive eyes. His or her instrument is the orchestra. This is an instrument that can’t be carried on one’s back, or hidden in a case, but has to be met on stage. The various and the professional, the better, together, they are getting ready for the unique and single moment.

The Maestro Solti International Conducting Competition organised by Filharmonia Hungary undertook the organisation of the traditional event of Hungarian television conducting competitions in order to provide new opportunities for young talents. Successful applicants will have an excellent opportunity to receive invitations to perform, to win prizes and to gain the love of the audience together with the appreciation of the orchestras.

186 young conductors from 40 different countries have applied for the event that can be attended by the audience at the venues of the Erkel Theatre in Budapest and the Kodaly Centre in Pecs, and also by a much larger audience of the Hungarian National Television Channel of M5. The competition will take place on Friday evenings between the 20th of October and the end of December. The exciting and rewarding events of the competition can also be followed by an international audience on the websight of Filharmonia Hungary.

“When you can read better the hearts of people than the music sheets – then you are on the right track to become a good conductor” Kobayashi Ken-Ichiro.

“An orchestra is not a democratic institution, there is only one opinion, and that is mine” György Solti.